Winter Warmer

Hello, Art Friends! I trust that you all enjoyed a splendid welcome into 2016 just as I did.

The past summer / fall was incredibly rewarding, both in terms of painting and outdoor adventure. I made some important artistic strides with respect to my palette and brushwork, which I continue to explore in the studio and en plein air this winter. The painting below, “Out to Sea,” made on the coast of Maine, exemplifies these explorations into an expanded color palette and more expressive mark-making.

Out to Sea, Maine. Oil on canvas board, 16x20", 2015. Available

“Out to Sea, Maine.” Oil on canvas board, 16×20, 2015.

To push this notion of expressivity even further, I awoke early one Maine morning just as the sun began to break the plane of the Atlantic horizon. Inspired by this rapturous sunrise, I quickly assembled my gear and hiked out to the far end of the rocks pictured in the painting above. There, just safe enough from the swelling ocean waves that continuously engulfed and revealed the massive rocks below me, I set up my easel and painted quite rapidly the tumult before my eyes. The painting below, “Edge of Sea,” represents my effort to depict the feeling I gleaned from the motif rather than a literal rendering of it.

Edge of Sea, Maine. Oil on linen, 16x20", 2015. Available

“Edge of Sea, Maine.” Oil on linen, 16×20″, 2015.

Returning the New Hampshire in full swing of “Peeper” season (Peeper: those who travel to NH solely to view the fall colors), I made several paintings of the fall colors in full bloom. Oftentimes painting just off the side of the road, passersby would frequently beep and give me a “thumbs-up,” or even stop their vehicle and pop by for a look, kindly offering complimentary remarks. In one instance, an elderly couple pulled over and promptly yelled to me, “Where can we buy your paintings?” And this they asked without even seeing the painting on which I was working! Clearly they were looking for a souvenir of their “peeper experience.” I invited them to my studio, a.k.a. my brother’s garage, and after perusing my pictures, they selected the painting “Basin Pond, Fall Splendor” (below).

Basin Pond, White Mountains. Oil on linen, 16x20", 2015. Not available

“Basin Pond, Fall Splendor.” Oil on linen, 16×20″, 2015.

A painting expedition in the White Mountain National Forest would not be complete without a representation of the famed / infamous Mt. Washington, where some of the highest wind speeds and coldest temperatures in the U.S. were ever recorded. Below is my effort at capturing this illustrious mountain peak just after it received its first snowfall of the season.

Mt. Washington, First Snow. Oil on linen, 16x20", 2015. Available

“Mt. Washington, First Snow.” Oil on linen, 16×20″, 2015.

There you have it, my friends, a touch of fall to remedy any winter blues you may be experiencing. Thanks for reading and looking! Please peruse my “landscapes” under the “Painting” tab on my website to view these and other images of the New England summer and fall. Soon to come: A spring update from the Wild West of Bend, OR where I am currently exploring, once again, in paint and on foot. Ciao for now.