New Work at Duluth Coffee Company in Dec. & Jan.!

Greetings, art friends.  I’m writing to let you know that I will have a show of very recent work at the Duluth Coffee Company (Superior St. & 1st Ave. East) starting December 1st and running through January.  The show will feature oil paintings created with oil bars, also known as oil sticks.  I’m not quite sure what to call the resultant works since they are clearly created with color (thus paintings) but are essentially “drawn” with pigment (thus drawings).  It’s an exciting new process that is producing what I consider quite interesting results.  I will continue to pursue this new process in earnest for some while.  There will not be an opening, but I encourage all of you to stop in, view the art, and sip some very tasty coffee!  Support the local!  Below you will find an example of this new mode of creation.  Enjoy!

Another Perfect Duluth Day!

Another Perfect Duluth Day!  Gotta love this town!  :)