New England Summer Painting Adventure

Good day, connoisseurs of the arts!

For the past couple months I’ve been exploring the New England landscape, both in paint and on foot, completing several pictures and logging in quite a few hiking miles in the White Mountain National Forest, Acadia National Park, and Baxter State Park. My trusty companion Carly accompanies me each step of the way, and my brother John and his family supports the endeavor by providing shelter, nourishment, guidance and love whenever needed. I couldn’t imagine a better summer!

Now that the fall colors are about to explode, I thought I’d provide a brief visual and written update of what has taken place thus far. Below, you will find a few examples of the paintings made along with some explanation of the circumstances under which they were created. Please visit the “landscapes” page on my website to see more New England images.

One of the first stops on our journey was Plymouth, NH, a quaint town situated just south of the White Mountain National Forest (WMNF) and home of my brother John, his wife Jessie, and their two cool and crazy kids Lydia (10) and Grady (8). The image below was painted on a hot summer day at Davis Path in the WMNF. If it seems like I painted this scene in the middle of the river, well, I did. I waded across the Saco River fully loaded with my gear to a mini island in the middle of it where I set up, sweated, swatted ankle biting flies, took multiple dips to cool down, and managed to paint this scene:

Davis Path Bridge, White Mountains. Oil on canvas board, 20x16", 2015. Available

“Davis Path Bridge, WMNF”, 2015

After a spell in the Whites, Carly and I cruised the coast of Maine, stopping for lobster, lighthouses, and landscapes to paint en route. In Camden, I painted this harbor scene, an initially daunting enterprise due to the masses of onlookers I knew I would encounter since the coast of Maine is such an artists’ haven. I chatted with many lovely people this day and even managed to provide a mini art lesson to two very young budding artists, the grandmother of whom was very appreciative, so much so that she stuck around for further conversation, eventually divulging her support for Republican candidate Donald Trump. Oh, the things a plein air painter may hear!

Camden Harbor, ME. Oil on canvas board, 16x20", 2015. Available

“Camden Harbor, ME”, 2015

An onlooker snapped this shot of me while toiling away in Camden. Looks brutal, doesn’t it?


Before our recent return to Plymouth, Carly and I spent six days hiking, canoeing, and painting in Baxter State Park, home of Mt. Katahdin, the grand terminus for many thru-hikers of the Appalachian Trail (AT). We camped right on the AT itself and saw and heard many of the thru-hikers passing by our site. Oddly (or not) enough, many of the couples who happily began their ascent of Katahdin hand-in-hand ended their hike with a fair amount of separation between them, scowls on their faces. Fair to say, the hike is a brutal one with an elevation gain of 4000 feet and a boulder field to negotiate. Despite any aggravations amongst the hikers, it was an inspiring spectacle to witness these sturdy adventurers completing their typically six month arduous journey. My painting of Katahdin occurred on a stormy evening, thus the title.

Clouds over Katahdin. Oil on canvas board, 18x14", 2015. Available

“Clouds over Katahdin”, 2015

Thanks for looking and reading! Be well.