Happy 2017!

Happy New Year, Art Friends! I hope you all are well.

2017 came charging in with respect to my art world. After cruising across the country once again in Emmy, our emerald green GMC Safari Van, Carly and I settled into our new home of Bend, Oregon. Arriving in mid-November, I had just enough time to organize for my December art show at a local teahouse, a show I arranged last spring before we headed to France for the summer. Once the show was up and running, I got to work setting up my art studio, an absolute pleasure to now have since I have been an artist on the move for so long (I’ve been a traveling painter since I left Duluth, MN in May 2015).

As it always does, the question of what to paint quickly arose, and I answered that question by simply looking at some of my favorite plein air paintings I made over the past year. In so doing, I decided to make “paintings from paintings,” as I call my current practice. Thus far, I’ve been primarily working from two paintings: one made in southern France, the other in New Hampshire. Below, I first post the original painting, which is then followed by the paintings made from it. I hope you enjoy the visual exploration of these images as much as I enjoyed the exploratory process of making them!

Fortunately for me, many of these new paintings will be featured in my upcoming February show at Cascade Sotheby’s Realty (facebook link to event; please pass along!), already my second show in the three short months Carly and I have been here. Let’s hope the trend of “getting my art out there” continues!

Aix-en-Provence Countryside, II. Oil on linen, 20x24", 2016. Private Collection.

“Olive Trees and Mte. Ste. Victoire,” oil on linen, 20”x24”

Provence. Oil on canvas, 11"x14", 2017. Available

“Provence,” oil on canvas, 11”x14”, 2017

Provence. Oil on board, 22"x28", 2017. Available

“Provence,” oil on board, 22”x28”, 2017


“Provence,” oil on linen, 24”x36”, work in progress

As with the first series, you may also notice in this second series a move toward greater abstraction, which I am consciously cultivating. I am working hard to refine my color sense while increasing the expressivity of my paint handling.

The Pemi II. Oil on linen, 18"x24", 2016. Available

“The Pemi,” oil on linen, 16”x20”, 2016

Wild River. Oil on linen, 22"x28", 2016. Available

“Wild River,” oil on linen, 22”x28”, 2016

The River. Oil on canvas, 11"x14", 2017. Available

“Pemi Abstraction,” oil on canvas, 11”x14”, 2017

The River II. Oil on canvas, 11"x14", 2017. Available

“Pemi Abstraction II,” oil on canvas, 11”x14”, 2017

The River. Oil on linen, 18"x24", 2017. Available

“The River,” oil on linen, 18”x24”, 2017

Can’t help but include two paintings of Apple Trees recently finished! I like the direction of this new work.

Apple Tree, Winter. Oil on linen, 22"x24", 2017. Available
”Apple Tree, Winter,” oil on linen, 22”x24”, 2017

Apple Trees, Winter. Oil on linen, 24"x48", 2017. Available

“Apple Trees, Winter,” oil on linen, 24”x 48”, 2017
Thanks for tuning in! Please click Landscapes to check out these and other new paintings. Much love to you all!