Marunowski painting at Camden Harbor, Maine, 2015


Drawing upon the rich tradition of French Impressionism and American Abstract Expressionism, my medium-to-large scale oil paintings bring together elements of both artistic movements in dynamic, colorful compositions. Even when nature serves as my point of departure, my primary subject matter is paint itself and the formal elements involved in the process of painting: color, tone, line, shape, space, and texture. Mark-making drives my process and functions as the signature component of my work. Uncontrived, these marks follow the flow of my body as I move across the canvas, at times meditatively, at other times furiously. I add, I subtract, and I add again, utilizing the arsenal of tools at my ready: brushes, scrapers, rags, my hands – whatever it takes to make the painting work.

Through my paintings, lately non-representational and sometimes greater in stature to the person viewing them, I seek to engage the observer in a dialogue of becoming. In the absence of references to the external world, I invite the viewer to participate in the meaning-making process by exploring the totality of the canvas as well as the labyrinth of discrete marks and color-shapes that breathe life into it. As I lose myself in the creation of a painting, proceeding according to intuition, reflection and years of study, I ask the viewer to do the same with the finished work. Stop, stare, and reward yourself with the pleasure derived from sustained looking into the unknown, for me the very point of abstract art.

Kenneth Marunowski, December 2018